Vinetech Mobile Birdscarer

Electronic Control

  • The Vinetech Birdscarer is controlled by programmable electronics requiring little or low maintenance, housed in a robust weather-proof box.
  • The unit is now has the option to be powered by a 12v rechargeable battery which can supplied together with a charger
  • We stock all parts, offer a full workshop service and backup for Vinetech products.

Integrated Design

  • The Vinetech mobile birdscarer is designed to clip on to a C-Dax Quick Smart frame or U-bolt on to the front rack of any 4 wheel quad and plug in to the bikes power supply. A 4kg LPG gas bottle (not included) is mounted to the frame. The barrel can be traversed from left to right and the birdscarer is fired using a button mounted on the handlebars.


  • As each Vinetech birdscarer is individually hand made and thoroughly tested prior to packing, we enjoy a good reputation for reliability.

Advantage of Vinetech Mobile Birdscarer

  • Can be safely used by anyone able to drive a 4-wheeler
  • No danger to other employees or neighbours
  • No damage to own or neighbours crops
  • Huge savings in shotguns and ammunition (most users report that the birdscarer has paid for itself in a matter of weeks)
  • Very effective in driving away mobs of small birds – e.g. white-eyes, sparrows, etc
  • Greatly enhances the effectiveness of stationary birdscarers.