Comments and Testimonials from Satisfied Vinetech Birdscarer Users

Ian Gunn, Vineyard Owner

My Vinetech birdscarers are some of the first produced, have given me over 25 years of reliable service.  Just a little care in storage over the off season and some routine maintenance and they are good to go year after year.


Bruce Smith, Vineyard Manager
C.J. Pask Winery Ltd, Hawkes Bay

Having used the bike mounted gas gun supplied to us by Vinetech for a whole season now. We are thrilled with the response that we have had. First and foremost is the saving on shot, we reduced our ammunition bill significantly. We found that the birds could not come to terms with the fact that the gun was always on the move, therefore reluctant to settle in any one spot. Safety is another aspect which is always a concern, with the Vinetech bike mounted gas gun for us means one less shot gun in the vineyard and of course you do not need a gun license to operate one.

I would recommend any vineyard to try one, I’m sure your findings will be the same as ours.


Simon Radburnd, Vineyard Manager
C.J. Pask Winery Ltd, Gimblett Vineyard, Hawkes Bay

With the Vinetech Motorbike Mounted Birdscarer we are able to aggressively chase flocks of birds from one end of the vineyard to the other. We can flush birds hiding within the canopy. Also the ability to alternate between blocks at random without disrupting normal work and to use any member or staff is a great advantage to us. We can cover large areas or concentrate on high pressure areas as required, also being able to shift birds such as wax-eyes is very impressive.

Apart from the substantial cost saving, the Vinetech Mobile is great as regards safety as there is no chance of any staff or visitors accidentally getting shot.

The employee that used this device has had many years bird scaring in Hawkes Bay and is totally dedicated to doing the best possible job. He was rather skeptical to say the least to begin with, but by the end of the season he was totally converted. This was no mean feat.

I have no reservations in recommending the Vinetech Mobile Birdscarer.


Alan Schriever
KANGAROOS KANGAROOS, Penola, South Australia

I have been troubled with vermin (kangaroos) for the last fifty years, and I have found there is no better way to clear them off my property than with a Vinetech Mobile Scaregun set up in the back of the farm ute.

I usually go around the farm early in the morning or just before dark.