Vinetech Birdscarers - Timer 1



The timer incorporates a 24 hour and 7 day time base. Therefore each day of the week can be uniquely programmed. For convenience, Block Programming is also provided, whereby up to seven days can be grouped together if the “ON” and “OFF” times are the same. The timer displays in AM/PM format.

Setting Time and Day of Clock

1. Depress the Reset button.
2. Depress and hold the clock symbol key Vinetech Timer during entire time setting procedure.
3. If being used as a 7 day timer, press Day key to bring the actual day of the week into display.
4. Press h+ and m+ keys to set the actual time of day. If keys are depressed for more than a second, the digits will advance rapidly.
5. Release the Vinetech Timer key when the correct time and day are shows in the display. The colon between the hours and minutes will be flashing indicating the timer has started.


1. Press Timer once (do not keep depressed). The display will show “1 0N”
and “--:--” for the time.

2. Press h+ and m+ keys to set ON time.

3. If the event is to occur every day, proceed to step 5. Do not press Day key.

4. If the even is to occur only on selected days of the week, press Day key to select the desired day of the week. Successive depressing of the Day key beyond Sunday will bring the following blocks of days into the display.
Monday through Friday
Saturday and Sunday
Monday through Saturday
All days shown in the respective blocks will be switched ON (or OFF) at the selected hour and minute.

5. Press Timer key to enter programme. The display will show 1”OFF”.

6. Programme OFF command using steps 2-5 above.

7. Repeat steps 2-6 for up to 6 programmes.

8. Press Vinetech Timer key to return to time of day display.

9. If the display now shows OFF use manual over-ride (long button at bottom right clock) to change to ON.

Review and Change of Programmes

By operating the Timer key the individual commands as programmed can, at any time, be brought consecutively into the display for revision or checking. Revisions are carried out by writing over the existing programmes using the steps outlined above.

Cancelling Programmes

Use procedure above to bring programme to be cancelled into display. Use m+ key and then h+ key to set minutes and then hours to null position, “--:--”. This programmes has been made ineffective and will no longer be carried out. To cancel all programmes, depress Reset key. This clears entire memory, including time of day and programme.

Manual Override

1. Press override key to turn load ON and Off without affecting the stored programmes (temporary override).

End of Season

Depress reset Key to clear programmes and conserve battery