Vinetech Birdscarer Electronic Timer 2a

When first connected to power supply, the display will show all day numbers flashing, the time at 00:00, timed Vinetech Timer function, and OFF output.

Setting the Time
Press and hold the clock symbol button, now press the day, hours and minute buttons to vary any of these settings.   Once current time input is completed, release the clock symbol button.

Setting programmed switching operations
Press the Prog. Button.   Enter the switching instruction ON ⦿ or OFF ❍ with the Vinetech Timer button; then the day or days for the switching instruction to occur; then the time of the switching instruction with the h & m buttons.  Each press of the Prog. Button saves the last (completed) entry, and steps through to the next programme space.   If you want to change any of the settings, you can do so while the setting is showing in the display.  Press the day, hours or minutes buttons to alter the timing as you require.  Once you have completed your changes, press the Prog. Key to confirm and step to the next programme space in the memory.  Press the clock symbol Vinetech Timer button to revert to timed display.

Manual switch Vinetech Timer
After you have set the current time and any programme instruction you require, you should press this button once to switch ON, if you require the output to be ON now.   The timeswitch will follow the programme settings in the memory from now on

At any time, you can use the manual switch to change the output to ON or OFF.  The display symbols are:
Timed OFF Vinetech Timer ❍ Manual OFF ❍ Vinetech Timer Fixed ON
Timed ON Vinetech Timer ⦿ Manual ON ⦿ Vinetech Timer Fixed OFF

Daylight Savings
To change the clocks from to and from daylight savings press the recessed + 1h button.   Press this button with a biro or a pencil.

The timeswitch can be reset (all information deleted), by pressing the Reset button with (eg) a biro or a pencil.